Personal Risk Management

You work hard to provide for your family and our personal risk management options help you continue caring for them when unexpected events happen.

Life can be unpredictable; we never know when something unfortunate will occur. Incorporating personal risk management into your financial plan is a smart thing to do to protect yourself and your family.

Your Knowledgeable Guide to Coverage Options

Our financial advisors have access to dozens of high-rated insurance companies to provide you with the coverage you need.

Our advisors will work with you to determine what coverage works best for your situation.

Life Happens and their services are not affiliated with, nor endorsed by, Connections Financial Advisors or LPL Financial.

“All of life is an exercise of risk.”

— William Sloane Coffin

Protection During a Financial Storm

A whole life insurance policy protected his family financially as well as his employess.

Small-business owner, Mike Japp, was thankful that his insurance professional, Bill, advised him to put a whole life insurance policy in place to protect his family and as a means to build cash value. During the economic crisis of 2008 his business took a huge blow and the living benefits* of life insurance helped him weather the financial storm. Once things were stabilized, Bill and Mike set up a plan to repay the loan, so the money would be there in the event that outside forces again came to bear on his business.

Our advisors are experienced in helping you get the right coverage for your situation.

*Withdrawing or borrowing funds from your policy will reduce its cash value and death benefit if not repaid and may result in a tax liability if the policy terminates before the death of the insured.

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