Company rebranded to reflect our client friendly services and dedication to community.

[LINCOLN, IL, October 29, 2018] Financial advisors Joe Globensky and Bridget Schneider of Level Four Wealth Management have rebranded their office in Lincoln, IL to Connections Financial Advisors. We offer the same services as before, however, our rebrand now better reflects our commitment to personalized, friendly financial services for our community.

As we have grown over the years and have engaged with our clients on a more personal level, we feel that rebranding was necessary to better reflect who we are and what we do. We are not only financial advisors, we are members of the community. Our goal is to connect with you and be your friendly financial guide and ally in the world of finance.

Empowering you to pursue your financial goals; this is what we do. Connections Financial Advisors is our new name. And although the name has changed, the service we provide and HOW we provide that service has not.

Connections Financial Advisors is a financial advisor group dedicated to offering friendly financial services to the surrounding community.

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