Identity Theft

5 Ways to Keep Your Personal Data Safe

5 Ways to Keep Your Personal Data Safe

By Joe Globensky, RFC®Hopefully I don’t have to tell you how important it is to keep your personal data safe.  Whether it’s your social security or bank account numbers, information from your driver’s license, or items that can be pulled from your social...

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3 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft All Year

3 Ways to Prevent Identity Theft All Year

Identity theft is a serious problem as many Americans turn to a digital existence. With credit cards stored on smartphones and more transactions taking place online, credit card data theft has become big business.

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Why You Should Consider Sending Your RMD Straight to Charity

By Joe Globensky, RFC®Reasons People Give to CharityThere are many reasons why people give money to charity:Giving to charity makes you feel good,Giving to charity strengthens personal values,Giving is more impactful than ever,Giving to charity introduces...

Tips for Late-Start Retirement Planning

By K. Bridget Schneider, CFP®, CRPC®Last month we suggested a few reasons early retirement planning is important.  That’s valuable information for Millennials, but what if you’re a Gen Xer?  You don’t need to feel like you’ve missed the boat.  For those of...

Self-Employed Professionals Can Save Big on Taxes

By Joe Globensky, RFC®Whether you have been a self-employed professional for years, or you’ve recently become self-employed, the success of your business is in your hands.  You need to take advantage of whatever assistance is available, and this includes...

A Few Reasons Early Retirement Planning Is Important

By K. Bridget Schneider, CFP®, CRPC®What is retirement planning?  Basically, it’s a process of determining how much money you’ll need in retirement and the steps to make that happen.  You identify future income sources, estimate expenses, implement a...

A Hopeful New Year Message

By Joe Globensky, RFC®“2020, we’re so glad you’re done, so we can all have an enjoyable 2021.” See what I did there? Now that my new year poetry resolution has been accomplished, let’s move on.REFLECTIONI wanted to spend some time over New Year’s weekend...


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