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Connections Financial Advisors is your friendly financial guide and ally that helps you make better decisions to plan for your financial future.

We are a firm of independent financial advisors who provide investment management, financial and retirement planning, and other personal financial services in a comfortable, no-pressure atmosphere. We’re grounded in our belief that empowering you to reach your life goals is the highest good we, as advisors, can do in our professional lives.

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What Sets Us Apart

First, as leading independent financial advisors, this work is our calling. We are journeymen committed to our profession.


Our Wealth Advisor Joe Globensky, for example, has been passionate about investing since he was twelve. Our CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, Bridget Schneider, has decades of financial services experience but her foremost love remains forming and explaining financial plans to others.

This means we won’t draw you in with big—brand glitz but then hand you off to a hastily—trained advisor who is just a body filling a chair. Engaging you with our best, every day, is our rule.


We’re also committed to the idea that getting financial guidance and investment advice doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience that makes you feel inadequate, intimidated or pressured. We love when our clients feel smart and empowered.

We’ll take the time to translate industry jargon into everyday words and we’ll work with you until you fully understand every step we’re recommending and why. We try to listen as much as we talk. You won’t feel “on the clock” or rushed to make decisions.


Lastly, we genuinely enjoy getting to know our clients. It’s one of the perks of our job. We want you to experience that the words “friendly” and “financial advisors” aren’t mutually exclusive. We live in the communities in which we serve and take pride in working in establishments and organizations alongside you. We believe that our country’s smaller towns and cities are underserved when it comes to astute financial advice.

There is great need in these communities—and people from all walks of life deserve a chance at secure financial futures. So, whatever stage of financial growth you are at, we want to talk with you. And, we are also clients of this firm, using the same research, models and products; what we do for our clients, we do for ourselves.

The Story of Our Company Name

Early in 2018 we began a rebranding project to better align our company identity with our competitive advantages and differentiation in the marketplace. This resulted in a few outcomes—most notably, we changed our company name.

“Connections Financial Advisors” reflects our outlook that healthy financial relationships are built on strong connections: connections between clients and their life goals, connections between advisors and inspired ideas, connections between the marketplace and insightful research, and—most important—connections between people.

We believe the strength of our connections is one of our greatest differentiators. And, your asset to leverage.

Connections Financial Advisors are registered representatives of the largest independent broker/dealer in the country, LPL Financial.

We are located in Lincoln, Illinois, with an additional office in Dallas/Fort Worth, and serve a national clientele.

*As reported by Financial Planning magazine, June 1996 – 2020, based on total revenue.

Let’s start a conversation today and let us show you whether you are on target with your current savings and investments to meet your life goals.

“In Nature, the purpose of life is to achieve a goal. In human terms, it is called happiness.”

― Joey Lawsin


Office: 217.605.8130
Toll-Free: 844.305.7670
Fax: 217.666.4188

604 N Union St Ste 1
Lincoln, IL 62656

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Where are you located?

We are located in Central Illinois in the town of Lincoln. We also have an office in Plano, Texas. We work with a national clientele and will be happy to serve you.

Can I learn more about your services?

Sure. We advise clients on investment management, retirement planning, and other financial matters to help manage what they have. Because, many people save and invest, but they aren’t really sure they’ll have enough assets to be comfortable and do what they want in retirement or later stages of life. We show them whether they are on target or not. We can help you, too.

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